Normandy Game June 2019.

Part of the Chain of Command Normandy Campaign charting the advance of the American 29th division following D Day.

Game 1.

Setting up.
First German squad deploys.
Are you sure that is what the rules say?
American patrol moves carefully forward using the dragon’s teeth as cover.
Dragon’s teeth scratch built.
Following advice given, the Americans move forward in the open over the hill.
Another German squad is deployed into cover and both target the exposed Americans…..
……with predictable results.
The squad is devasted; leaders down and morale rolls are not good.
In Chain of Command leaders hit mean a roll on the bad things happen table.
American morale crashes from a healthy starting 9 to a wobbly 5.
Bravo company withdraw, following Alpha in the first campaign game.
Send for Charlie company.
This ranks as one of our quickest games ever.