Ancients Campaign.

We have recently started an Ancients campaign using the Mortem Et Gloriam (MEG) rules set.

We are playing the PACTO version of the three MEG options, the smallest version at 3000-4000 points. This gives a small table size and each unit is just two bases.

A very experienced ancients player, veteran of competitions too innumerable to list, a veritable rules encyclopedia, has organised the map, sides and is kindly acting as umpire.

The armies used represent what we own, so expect some very un-historical match-ups.

Please note the following maps show relative positions only. Two armies may look a great distance apart but actually be in adjacent regions. The maps thus act as a general guide to the action only.

Campaign starting positions.
End of Turn 1. Two battles fought, Gauls vs Parthians and Iberians vs Ptolemaic.
Turn 2. 5 battles fought. Palmyran vs Ptolemaic, Macedonia vs Parthians, Gauls and Parthian allies vs Rome, two battles fought between Carthage and Iberians. Gauls have captured the most territories (8) and are now close to gaining an extra fourth army.
Carthaginian and Iberian cavalry clash. Will the war Elephants make a difference?
The intense fighting between the Macedonians and the Parthians.
A very busy turn. 6 battles fought. The Gallic empire continues to advance. Ptolemaic power also grows. The Palmyrans are invaded by 3 others and after losing some ground, disappear into desert oasis only they know the location of. Battles include: Ptolemaic vs Palmyran, Han vs Palmyran, Pontic vs Palmyran, Gauls vs Carthage, Gauls vs Macedonians and Gauls vs Rome.
Gauls vs Carthage (with Gallic allies).
Pontic and Palmyran advance towards each other.
They collide head on.
Just when the Palmyrans most need a rest, the Han Chinese invade as well.