We are a friendly, welcoming club, so just turn up on Monday night, no need to contact us in advance. You can watch the action going on or join in – we’ll always find a place for you in one of our games, whatever your area of interest. The good news is you don’t need your own figures or miniatures to join. Club members are very happy to let others join in their games and use their figures – it makes starting out wargaming (and continuing), as well as trying a new period, a lot cheaper. We also run occasional games days, which allow a little more time for more epic battles – a recent day featured a Chain of Command Normandy Skirmish following the D-Day invasion.

Monday 20th Sept Games.

6mm Blucher Game. British vs French 100 Days. Space for 1 other.

Dead Man’s Hand. Cowboy skirmish game. Space for 1 or 2 others.

Mortem et Gloriana Pacto game. Training game, space for 1 or 2 others.

Monday 13th Sept Games.

6mm Blucher game. Russians vs Prussians. Space for 1 or 2 others.

Mortem et Gloriana Pacto game. Training game, space for 1 or 2 others.

28mm Napoleonic skirmish using Sharp Practise rules, space for 1 or 2 others.

French lancers menace the British line.

Monday 6th Sept. Club reopening from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

6mm Napoleonic Blucher Rules. Space for 1 or 2 others.

Memoir 44 board game. Space for 1 other.

28 mm Old West game. Dead Man’s Hand rules. Space for 1 or 2 others.

Mortem et Gloriam game. Space for 1 other.

Not in the back!

Monday 26th Aug. No meeting due to bank holiday.

Monday 19th Aug Games you can join.

A Franco-Prussian wars clash using Bloody Big Battles rules.
A WWII Chain of Command 28mm game.
German infantry defending their pill box come under US mortar fire.
The marker is a German jump off (deployment) point.
A Sherman is bought on as support.
The Sherman is immediately engaged by a concealed PAK 38.
Two US squads mass to cross the stream and outflank the pill box.
A 25mm Roman vs Gauls battle using Field of Glory rules.
The Gauls crash into the steady Roman line.
The Roman Auxilaries are under pressure.

Monday 12th Aug Games you can join.

Games to be confirmed.

Monday 5th Aug Games you can join.

25mm FOG ancients. Indians vs Macedonians round II.
Blitzkrieg Commander 15mm game between the Germans and the Russians in 1943.

Monday 29th July Games you can join.

Ancients game using FOG rules.
A look down the (superbly painted) Indian battle line.
The centre of the Macedonian Phalanx.
The clash in the centre.
A 28mm skirmish using Chain of Command.
The Allies might not get this number of Shermans on the night.
Chain of Command Patrol Phase.
German recce half track make a dash for the crossroads.
It gets beaten back then knocked out.
Total victory to the American defenders.
A 15mm Napoleonic Peninsular battle between the French and the British.
Here is the Portuguese brigade drawn up for battle.
The French infantry concentrate at the church ready to attack.
Possibly a Blucher game in 6mm.

Monday 22nd Games you can join.

A 400 point Blucher game involving 6 players.

Monday 15th July Games you can join in.

Italian War of Independence.
Just about to clash before the town.
German Panther tries to stem the Russian onslaught….
…with predictable results.

Monday 8th July Games you can join.

Napoleonic 6mm game using Blucher rules.
This is a teaching game and will probably have space for one more player.

Monday 1st July Games you can join.

A Blitzkrieg Commander 2500 point game between the Germans and Russians.
A 28mm skirmish game using the Sharp Practice rules.

Monday 24th June Games you can join.

Renaissance game in 28mm. FOG Rules. Beautifully painted figures and flags.
Do you like charging gloriously with your knights or solidly with your pike block?
WW2 28 mm skirmish using Chain of Command rules.
Are you the dash to cover type or creep from cover to cover type?
Driver advance!
The second Sherman seems none too keen after the lead Sherman is brewed up.
The smoke has a little light set inside to look like a burning fire. Very nice.
Operation Bagration WW2 scenario in 15 mm using Blitzkrieg Commander rules.
Launched on June 23rd 1944, Operation Bagration was a massive Russian offensive massing 1.6 million men, over 30,000 pieces of artillery and nearly 6,000 tanks against German Army Group Centre. Can the Germans hold?
The power of Russian artillery.
The katyusha barrage totally destroys the dug in 88s on the hill.
Russian T-34s with infantry support close on the under-strength German infantry defending the town.
A company of Panthers reinforce the shattered German kampfgruppe.

Monday 17th June Games.

Napoleonic 15 mm Blackpowder.
French vs Brunswick.
The French mass in the centre.
The Brunswick line defending the village.
The French crash into the Brunswick centre. Reinforcements hurry forward.
WW2 Air Battle of Britain scenario. Spitfires attacking escorted German Heinkel HE111.
The knitting counters track height really effectively.
By the end of the game, the British had lost 1 Spitfire against 2 German ME110 and 2 Heinkels lost.
Renaissance game in 28mm. FOG Rules. The armies line up, ready for battle.
Skirmishers clash in the fields. Who’ll burst into tears first?