There are a number of established periods and rulesets at the club, but we’re always open to trying something new if you have experience of a different set of rules.

We frequently play the following periods, scales & rulesets:
(see the Links page for links to rules’ web sites for more information)

Ancients (15mm & 25mm): Field of Glory, Mortem et Gloriam
Renaissance (15mm & 25mm): Field of Glory
Napoleonic (6mm , 15mm, 25/28 mm): Blucher (Corps level), Sharpe Practice (skirmish level), Black Powder
World War 2 (15mm & 28mm): Blitzkrieg Commander (battlegroup level), Flames of War (Company level), Chain of Command (skirmish level), Scramble (Air war).

German anti-tank gun goes into action against the Shermans just visible between the houses.
Recent all day Chain of Command Normandy game in 28mm.
Achtung! Spitfire.
Air combat game using Scramble rules.