Primisole Bridge & a Seven Years War battle – Photos from one of our recent games days: British and German paras clash in this famous World War 2 action, fought using the Flames of War rules. Meanwhile, a really splendid 25mm Seven Years War Might & Reason battle takes place.


A refight of Gazala, 1942 – British tanks and infantry clash with an Italian infantry and artillery force. As the pressure of the Allied armour builds to near breaking point, the Italians are relieved by troops from the Afrika Korps. Played with Flames of War rules, this tense game turned out to be a win for the Axis as the British infantry ran out of steam in the closing moves of the engagement.


Pesky varmints – Some photos of a cowboy game devised by our resident master model maker, Nick. This splendid frontier town was scratch-built by him. The models feature a remarkable amount of detail, right down to the individual planks which were made to construct the buildings.


Austria 1809 – A great-looking grand tactical Napoleonic game, played in 6mm with the excellent (and free) Fast Play Grand Armee rules. Figures by Baccus – mostly Napoleonic, but some Seven Year’s War troops were conscripted for this engagement, fortunately, in this scale, you’d need binoculars to notice!